We want to support people to live happy and independent lives.

In order to do this we have designed a new model of care which puts local people, patients and communities at the centre of our work and our decision-making.

By working together we will be able to focus on how we can enable people to access advice, education and support within their communities to help them increase their knowledge and confidence in managing their own health and well-being needs and prevent ill health in the first place. 

We will be able to develop better ways of working across health and social care that give people better access to care and support for physical, mental and social care needs within the community or in people’s own homes.

Multi-Disciplinary  teams including GPs, Nurses, Mental Health professionals, Social Care workers and pharmacists will be working together to provide joined up health and social care support in the community, including specialist services traditionally delivered within a hospital setting.

This will mean people will only go to hospital when their care or treatment can’t be provided at home or as close to home as possible. If admitted teams will work together to ensure the person is discharged to the most appropriate care in the community as soon as possible.

The way care and support is provided will be simpler to understand, making it easier to access and use services.

Professionals will be able to share relevant and secure information with those involved in a person’s care meaning people will have not have to frequently repeat their history and clinicians and professionals will be able to make informed decisions to be made and better outcomes for the person.