A Walsall Together Partnership Board, with senior representation from each organisation, meets on a monthly basis to provide strategic oversight and operational coordination for the services that sit within the partnership.

All organisations have signed an alliance agreement which sets out how they will work together to deliver sustainable, effective and efficient services.

The Alliance Agreement formalises the way the partnership runs without requiring any contractual amendments.

It describes the way partners will work together to deliver sustainable, effective and efficient services.

The Alliance Agreement has been approved by the Walsall Together Partnership Board and each of the partner organisations boards.

The current Alliance Agreement runs to April 2021.

The partnership is currently reviewing the Alliance Agreement with a view to updating specific sections to reflect the on-going development and move towards fully integrated services.

This review will include:

  • Aims and objectives will be updated to reflect the current partnership objectives, recognising the importance of reducing health inequalities as we move through COVID-19 recovery, and to reflect the objectives set within the Section 75 and ICP contract
  • Interim arrangements for the shared management of strategic and key operational risks will be formalised, including a clear reason for the partnerships approach to mitigations, where there is added value in doing so.

The Executive Director of Integration leads a Senior Management Team and Programme Office who are responsible for overseeing the day to day delivery and co-ordination of services. The Walsall Together business case describes the remit, programme governance and outcomes of the individuals and teams tasked with delivering the new clinical model.

A Clinical and Professional Leadership Group is chaired by the Director of Public Health. They provide strategic clinical direction, assurance on the model of care as well as oversee and ensure effective engagement to enable the integration of services to work. This group also coordinates the selection of clinical pathway redesign based on population health needs.