In Walsall we are moving to a whole population budget approach that will see one provider (Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust) receive an annual budget from the commissioners of services based on population size.

The Trust will take overall responsibility for integrating and co-ordinating care and improving population outcomes.

They will not be responsible for providing all integrated care and will subcontract where appropriate to local providers to deliver joined up services.

Payment for these services will be based on outcomes rather than activity levels.

For example, take someone with diabetes. Currently payments are made based on activity i.e foot check, blood pressure check, eye test, bloods etc. Under a population health approach payments would be made based on outcomes so improved self-management, improved quality of life, reduced heart attacks, reduced amputations, reduced blindness etc.

Moving to this approach will enable us to deliver fully joined up services that better meet the needs of our entire population focusing on stopping people becoming unwell and helping people stay healthy and live happier independent lives.